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Of course Mark wore his trademark hat and spats with his pin-striped 3-piece suit to accompany Alexandra for their Argentine Tango performance. The black, scalloped sweetheart neckline was very flattering for Alexandra. I didn't love the nude straps, but I appreciated that the back wasn't cut low. Her charmeuse skirt danced well, with it's ruched sides and very high, diagonally slanted skirt. But when she was standing still, it hung very weirdly wide, and didn't drape nicely down her side. It danced very well, with great movement.DWTS long gown dress Season 16: Week 8 Costume Critique

This week on Dancing Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie With the Stars, we were treated to two sets of costumes for the Stars, and with the second performance, we were treated to two Pros for each Star!Zendaya and Val started the show off with their Fox Trot. I was disappointed in Zendaya's big flower/watercolor printed charmeuse dress. It was kept ‘young' for her, with the little flutter cap sleeves and very modest ‘V' necklines (both front and back). A very wide green leather belt anchored her natural waistline and the minimalist skirt rode over a slim petticoat finished off with a wide white horsehair braid, to give it some dimension. It was as ‘blah' as Val's basic tuxedo ensemble.

I LOVED Zendaya's white Salsa costume, however, during the second half of the show! Her blouse featured shoulder padded, fringed cap sleeves and a big fun bib of metallic gold strips. She wore a belt again, at her natural waist – narrow this time. Her fuller pants featured side slits and were tight at the cuffs, with fringe on the sides, providing lots of movement. The entire costume gave off the aura of the 1940's silver screen movie stars, even though she wore matching gold high-top shoes. It was funky and fun, and worked wonderfully for a stylish teenager. The open, basic satin shirts for ‘the boys', paired with tight white jeans added the sex appeal for this routine.

I was also disappointed with Peta's Tango costume. Her ‘mullet' dress emulated a wedding gown for their routine, with Sean wearing a very dapper, shawl-collared tuxedo jacket with all the wedding ‘fixings'. There were rows and rows of ruffled, stiff tulle creating the ‘big butt' bustle on the back of her skirt and the mini-skirted front. It was not very flattering. The bedazzled stretch satin bodice was attractive enough, except that it ended with a point at the side seam area, with an ample amount of nude elastic straps across her back, to hold everything in place. It could have been so much prettier, with decorative strapping.

Peta and her Pro partner were absolutely STUNNING in their Jazz costumes. Sean wore a costumey tuxedo outfit that had comic, miss-proportions and also was over accessorized to create a sort of ringmaster look, to coordinate with the stunning red ‘Moulin Rouge' costumes worn by his Pros. I loved them! The bustier and peplum bodices, paired with feathered back skirts, worn with taupe panties and front halter neck details were splendid. The taupe areas were encrusted with scattered rhinestones and also with large multi-colored gemstones. Red thigh-high stockings and opera gloves completed their sexy, yet classy costumes. The entire trio was excellently accessorized!

Jacoby was minimalist with his soon-to-be-open white shirt, open bow tie and black pant for his Viennese Waltz. Karina wore a mixed bag. I absolutely LOVED her mint green costume – well, the TOP half anyway. Her costume was actually to her natural waistline. It had an open back without a spider web of nude elastics. Wide 40's style shoulder straps ruched down to her waistline, creating a marvelous plunging front neckline and modest mesh sides. The sprinkling of matching rhinestones was exquisite and oh, so classy. I loved it! The skirt? I wasn't enamored. The matching satin charmeuse skirt was slim-cut with three modest tiers with a wide sheer band between them. My guess is that these bandings were sheer white organza – something relatively stiff. I would have preferred a softer, fuller skirt to coordinate with her beautiful, perfect bodice.

Jaboby unfortunately looked very ‘clown-like' in his bright yellow Paso Doble costume. His two partners wore matching bright yellow costumes – not quite matching. I've mentioned before, that I prefer totally matching or different enough that they are visibly coordinating rather than slightly off. Karina and Cheryl just looked slightly off with the skirts seemingly alike, but the bodices not. The placement of the black lace appliques went in two different directions and slightly different back lacing made the dresses looking like one worked out, but that there was a problem, so that the second one fell short in matching the first. And then a sneaking suspicion that maybe it is more difficult to create two costumes EXACTLY alike, so no attempt is made, so it's easier? I'm guessing there is some truth to this, what do you think? I liked Cheryl's version better. But all three costumes looked like a bunch of black lace appliques were thrown at the costumes, and sewn on where they landed. These costumes didn't look classy.

Kym and Ingo were beautifully dressed for their Fox Trot. Again, the accessories for Ingo's gray vest and pant duo classed up his costume. I adored Kym's nude-toned gown. It was sexy, classy and elegant. Any nude elastics across her back were inconsequential. I gave her a TEN. The halter with collar and the entire upper dress were covered in thousands of rhinestones, with larger gems accenting the upper bodice, just the way I like! The white chiffon godets of the skirt were fish-lined for dimension at the hem and attached with pretty white silk flowers. Wispy tufts of ostrich feathers were perfect finishing details.

But then I was very disappointed with Kym and her Pro partner's pink, saccharinely-sweet Jive costumes. The bodices were cute enough (and overly girly on purpose), but the elasticized open back and bustle-like sunburst pleated back skirts were not flattering, but big and lumpy at the back waist. I really enjoyed Ingo's costume. Comedy was the inspiration, with his pastel pink sweater vest, giant bow tie, wild plaid pants and taped geek glasses. What fun!

Kellie wore a modestly cut white chiffon gown with handkerchief flutter sleeves and beaded/stoned banding at the neckline and inverted ‘V' hip/waistline, for her Viennese Waltz. The ruching, trimming, and the circle, apple-peel ruffle at the back waist, gave her gown a pretty, feminine look. I enjoyed her dress, but thought it would have been more suitable for Zendaya. I was surprised when it was ripped off (with Velcro on the back) in one swift movement to reveal her sexy, sultry black dress underneath, for her trio Paso Doble with her Pro boys. Derek and Tristan were more dashing in their black glitter, double-breasted vest costumes than Derek in his simple shirt and pant for his opening act. They, all three were dashing! Kellie's black charmeuse skirt with bedazzled bodice, fit perfectly and unassumingly under the white dress. This was an amazing feat of costume design. Bravo to the costumers! And Len, shame on you – you KNOW they deserved better than a 7 from you!

I also enjoyed Alexandra and her Pro boys' Jive costumes. Alexandra was cute and sassy in her tri-colored, fringed, asymmetrical 1920's costume. Her short gloves, fishnets and garter completed her look. The boys wore matching red satin, double-breasted vests with red spats (of course), hats (of course) and garters for their comedic costumes. Very nicely done!

There was lots of flashy costumes and dancing this week, with minimal disappointments. I truly enjoyed the ‘Walking on Air' routine choreographed and danced by Derek and his partner. And I can't wait until the semi-finals next week, for even more spectacular dancing!

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DWTS halloween costumes outlet Season 20: Week 8 Costume Critique

This week's competition was named "America's Choice" swimwear manufacturer with songs, concepts, and costuming influenced by fans of the show.

Since wholesale halloween costumes everyone is entitled to their opinion, here's mine:

Most of the costuming for the solo portion of the competition was pretty ho-hum, except for Rumer's stunning cranberry gown that she wore for her and Val's Rumba performance! Yes, after seven weeks of costuming, I've gotten pretty blasé about what I'm seeing, as there is a lot of recycling of past designs. However, I LOVED Rumer's costume which was an almost Grecian gown fashioned from a semi-sheer, double-georgette woven fabric with ruching detail on the bodice, NO elastic back straps. It was beautiful classy and sexy and was covered in flattering lines and absolutely no embellishment. Her partner also had no embellishment additions which made for attractive, minimal, and classic costuming.

Sharna was pretty in white with partner Noah performing a Tango, also in all white. Probably the most interesting details were the lined, large-fishnet bodice fabric and the skirt molded under her derriere before flaring out with her gored skirt. It was a flattering silhouette her beautiful body.

Chris and Witney's minimal Contemporary costuming was typical for a Contemporary routine. With an open shirted ‘street apparel' look for Chris and a lavender lingerie look for Witney, this duo was pretty ho-hum.

Riker and Allison performed a Viennese Waltz with Riker in a dapper traditional tuxedo ensemble and Allison in a lovely costume with black (or was it a dark navy?) mesh over a shiny gold skirt. I particularly liked the back butt decoration but not the additional decoration on her front crotch area – that could have been left off.

Robert and Kym dancing a Contemporary routine wore looks that have been rehashed, with Robert in a stylish open white tuxedo shirt (with satin tucked ‘bib' detail) and black tuxedo trousers. Kym wore a white lingerie-looking costume with uneven hemline and non-distracting, utilitarian elastic straps across her open back. Again, a bit ho hum.

As Julianne stated, Derek looked absolutely ridiculous in his Roman Empire getup (his homage to Mark?)!

Enough said. Nastia and Sasha also looked over-costumed in their Gladiator outfits with an homage to Zena, the Warrior Princess. Nastia had too many accessory items including armbands, shoulder pads, a necklace and various gold and leather detailing. Thankfully, Sasha wasn't quite as over-costumed in his leather Matador jacket for their Paso Doble presentation.

The Trio costumes were good, with some bad, with two specific details that always nag at me: It is visually distracting to me, to view 2 costumes that are very similar, but not. I end up spending more time discerning the differences rather spending time enjoying the beautiful costuming. I swear that this would be the same, even if I weren't tasked with critiquing the costumes. I always wonder – why couldn't the costumer make the two costume look the same? It might be more difficult, but should be done, in my opinion, especially when both dancers have similar shapes. I totally understand when the two dancers are of different ages, body shapes etc., but then the costumes should be more different from each other, yet cohesive, rather than just minutely different.I am visually affronted by designs that allow us to imagine that the ‘naughty parts' of the bosom are bare, with decoration NOT covering what ‘should be' covered. It is very distracting. Please put rhinestoned designs or lace designs over this area. With Noah's Trio ladies, there were minute differences in Sharna and Emma's costumes with bare naked fronts and then a loin cloth type detailing at the crotch, which was also distracting.

Chris's Trio ladies also distracted me with those minor differences in their costuming. They too, were scary naked on the front bustline areas, but had real straps rather than elastic strapping. I LOVED Chris's Paso Doble jacket with leather shoulder detailing, cummerbund and wide side stripes. It was manly, contemporary and exquisite! This was my favorite Guy costume this week.

Riker's Trio ladies were sexy in silver fringed Jazz costumes – great costumes, but with slight bodice differences. One had real straps and the other had nude elastic straps. Which was prettier? You KNOW my answer to that! Riker's outfit was suitable young and interesting.

Robert's Trio ladies did the best job of coordinating for their Samba. With Kym in white and Jenna in black, they matched except for having slightly different skirt draping. Their skirts featured really wide horse-hair braid that created their 3-D look. These costumes were my favorite female Trio costumes! Robert stuck to his traditional black white, classic look.

With simple costumes, Nastia's Trio guys danced a very well-received Jive. The concept was incredible, with Nastia Jiving with ‘nice guy' Derek and ‘bad boy' Sasha with ‘nice guy' basic shirt and pant versus ‘bad boy' leather jacket, white T-shirt and jeans. Nastia's simple black bra-top and black flower-print skirt with black petticoat were non-descript. This illustrates that simple costuming can be very visual and effective, when helping create the themed concept. Bravo costume department!

Completing the Trios, this week, was Rumer's Trio with Val and Artem dancing the Paso Doble with Rumer. I didn't like their costuming at all. With both guys in high-waisted pants and cummerbunds, but with Val in a traditional gold and glitzy red matador jacket and Artem in a traditional black lace and red matador jacket – they were totally miss-matched – they didn't complement each other at all. With Rumer in a red satin Charmeuse with black lace and black mesh underskirt, she more closely matched Artem, yet her main partner was Val. Her costume was not classy and elegant, but costumey and cheesy. Such a disappointment after her first outfit this week!

Again, this week's Results Show was great (I always enjoy watching without having to take notes on the costuming). The performances were wonderful (especially Minnesota's own Troupe member, Allen)! Looking forward to Semi-Finals, next week.

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Ribcage corsets wholesale corset by Cinched Tight

Its Sexy Clubwear the most wonderful time of the year! Wait what do you mean, thats Christmas? I love Halloween and Día de los Muertos and their associated season, mood, decorations, and overall style holidays with pizazz!  Admittedly, as one of my friends once told me, You just like Halloween because its an excuse to play dress up, and you do that every day, Marianne. But now it is time to play dress up with a purpose. Check out the delightful skeleton motif corsets below (listed alphabetically by designer) and see some more along the same lines on my eponymous Pinterest board. Cinched Tight

Cinched Tight: Ribcage Overbust Corset
Cinched Tights signature Ribcage overbust has a fashion layer of silk dupioni (one of my favorite fabrics) with hand-appliqued stylized bones and an anatomical heart. This corset is definitely the most classically gothic of those on this list. It is also highly customizable, with each element available in a range of colors and a couple additional embellishment options for the heart. Contrived to Charm

Contrived to Charm: Tooled Leather Ribcage Corset Belt
This beautiful tooled leather belt wins honorable mention on this list, as it is not a true corset. It looks to be very lightly shaped along the laced-up side seams, and fits with the bottom edge on or just below the natural waistline. The leather tooling and hand painting is just beautiful. Those a little corset-shy may find this piece a bit more wearable, and those with an interest in anatomy should be pleased by the rendition. Louise Black

Louise Black
One surely cannot discuss skeleton corsets without mentioning the famous Louise Black cameo corsets! They can be made in an assortment of fabrications, though I am particularly fond of the stripe and scroll combination shown above. Unfortunately at this time it seems that her Etsy store has been deactivated, as all the links through are dead. Pop Antique

Pop Antique
Naturally, I am particularly fond of this T-shirt corset style from my line. The skeleton illustration is a custom screen print onto organic cotton interlock, overlayed onto a single layer corset of any style. The illustration is from an antique anti-corset propaganda piece; the t-shirt overlay hides a front busk. This look is fun and versatile, and a bit more casual than the other styles shown it could be easily worn with jeans. Sweet Carousel

Sweet Carousel
Sweet Carousel was readers choice for best corset brand in 2012 here at The Lingerie Addict. Their skeleton corset doesnt disappoint: the applique is cut exactingly in your choice of vinyl (white is the default, of course), overlayed onto a satin corset. Click through to the Etsy link to see some interesting variations: hearts, underbusts, and interesting color combinations. The illustration that inspired my skelly t-shirt corset.

Would you rock these spooky styles for Halloween?  Year-round?  Which is your favorite take on the style?   Close up of Jean Paul Gaultiers couture skeleton corset body, at the 2012 de Young museum exhibition. Photo by Marianne Faulkner.

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Corset Style Watch: 5 Spooky Skeleton Corsets

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